Want free money to pay down those holiday bills? Download Fetch, the no strings attached rewards app.

Sarah Saving Money

This is the rewards app you didn’t know you needed. Fetch lets you do the shopping you were going to do anyway and gives you cash rewards. That’s it. And, to sweeten the pot, when you enter the promo code FETCH4K, you’ll automatically earn $4.00 to your account, for free.

If you’re anything like me, you probably hate the annoying barcodes and the mandatory cheesy instructional videos that are found with most apps. Fetch has done away with all of that; just download the app, register, scan your receipts and then you are on your way to earning gift cards from Amazon, Sephora, and Target, to name a few.

@theheatherbrooker using Fetch after a trip to Ralph’s.

Loyal to Whole Foods? That’s fine; it doesn’t matter where you buy your products. Just browse the offers ahead of going to the store and figure out your plan of attack. The offers are plenty and are tailored to you.

Each time you scan your receipts, you automatically get rewards earning .25- $2 per offer.  You’ll also want to check out the bonus offers, which will help you earn those gift cards even faster. Whatever you do, though, don’t put your scanning off for a rainy day, you’ve got 14 days to reap your rewards. Do the shopping, put away the shopping, and then scan & cash out. Easy breezy.

Cashing out has never been easier. All you need is a minimum of 3000 points, equivalent to $3.00, to access your rewards. The options are endless, and the gift card hits your inbox instantly. The hardest part of this app will be deciding which out of their countless retailers to choose from. Why choose one, though, when you can get $10 at Pottery Barn and then $5 to Nordstrom the next time you cash out. Your rewards, your choice.

Proof that it’s that easy to scan and save with Fetch!

This is a top-notch app that literally pays you to do the shopping you were going to do anyway.  No shady fine print, just free money. Remember, you have until the end of the month to cash in on the Fetch promo. Just enter the code FETCH4K, and a free $4.00 will be automatically applied to your account.