Qkids Online English Teacher Review

Sarah Online Teaching Jobs

I get it. Companies that facilitate teaching English online to international kids can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever dreamt about teaching or are living that nomad life, but can’t bring yourself to research the companies, keep reading. I’ve done the application, the interview & been offered employment through Qkids.

Here’s how you can too:

Qkids is a bit different from the other online teaching platforms. The premise is the same, connecting teachers from the US & Canada to students ages 4-12 in China. The difference is through their method of instruction. You’re given the curriculum, which consists of interactive stories & games that you are to guide your students through. Does it sound too easy? That’s because it is.

I want to get started with Qkids, but how? Follow these four easy steps:

  1. Go to this website, enter your name & e-mail and click “ apply now”. Here you’ll include your basic information, along with a resume & availability for classes.
  2. Soon after, you’ll receive an e-mail prompting you to the next phase. Here you will answer a few short questions on how often you are looking to work, your general availability & will be prompted to upload a screenshot of your network preferences ( don’t worry, they are clear in how to do this). You’ll also need to upload a 2-minute demo video. In this video, you’ll introduce yourself, explain your highest level of education, your current residence & a brief background of your teaching experience. From there, you’ll need to read a children’s story.

Tips to a successful demo:

  • Follow all instructions, pay attention to the clock.
  • Make the story come alive through your body language & words.
  • Be expressive!

3) If your demo is well received, you’ll be invited to attend the real deal interview. Here the hiring team will be looking for your technical proficiency with the platform. This is also your opportunity to let your teaching style shine!

4)Receive an offer of employment. From here, you’ll be required to complete a training video session & then an additional session with an instructor who will act as a student and then give you feedback. After that, you’re on your way!

Before you go through all of this, you probably want to know a bit about the pay. The base pay, per each 30-minute lesson, is $8. It doesn’t sound great at first pass, but, keep in mind, Qkids has an awesome bonus structure (extra $1 for just showing up on time). With full bonuses, the pay is $10/lesson which brings you to $20/hour.

I’m not convinced. What do other teachers have to say?

“With Qkids, you get to finish work early, and the rest of the day is all yours”

According to one teacher, the most difficult part is learning how to pace yourself, since the lessons are only 30 minutes. “Think of the classroom as a virtual whiteboard. You’re given access to highlighters, stickers & markers but the curriculum is already developed so these are not essential tools.  They just give you the opportunity to develop your personal teaching style.”

What sets Qkids apart is their simple application process, their supportive training program & the ability to earn $20/hour teaching from the comfort of your home or hostel in a remote part of the world.