Do you want to spend more money than you have to while traveling? Want to learn the BEST hacks for saving on the road?

Sarah Saving Money

I’ve mapped out some serious wanderlust tips that will help you get to your next destination quicker, and with a few extra pennies in the bank.

Teach Cute Kids English

Earn up to $22/hour teaching ESL to kids in China with VIPKID. You can make this your side hustle, or use it for some extra cash while traveling. To qualify, you must be from North America, have a degree in anything, and some experience teaching, tutoring or coaching. You set your own schedule and teach from the comfort of your home, hostel or beach (so longs as there is Wi-Fi, of course).

Be flexible

You should be willing to travel during the shoulder season, which is a fancy way of saying off-peak, or to a destination based on the cheap flight or hotel deal you’ve scored.

Take Online Surveys

Participate in surveys, focus groups and/or mobile surveys with Springboard America, a leading online market research community. Once you join, you’ll get to save for your next big adventure by being rewarded with straight cash, Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, and opportunities to win $1000 through their sweepstakes.

Request time off from work in the middle of the week

Seasoned travelers will tell you the best days of the week to travel are Tuesdays & Wednesdays. This is because airfare is significantly cheaper; we’re talking up to 35% cheaper! You will also want to plan any other travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and plan for your return flight to happen mid-week, as well.

Save your spare change

Have a bachelorette party in Dublin? With Twine, a savings and investment app, people can save toward trips together. This app will help you track your progress and gives you the option to invest. It is free to save in cash, and all you need is $5 to get started. Want to save for a solo adventure? Individuals can save toward their goals with Twine, as well.

Follow the six-block rule

Now that you are abroad, you need to figure out a way to stretch your pennies. The general rule of thumb is to stay six miles away from any tourist attraction. Any closer than 6 miles and the prices will be inflated, and food subpar. You want to eat where the locals eat, so wander and get lost finding some hidden cafes along the way. 

Hit up morning markets

Walk to the morning markets and enjoy fresh local produce. Chances are you will find vendors selling sandwiches, fresh juices, and other tasty snacks. Following this tip will allow you to experience something new, while also saving money.